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Frequently Asked Questions


1-Explain the "at least 7%*" discount on published rates. How does that work?

All of our years of hard work have resulted in our agency having numerous special features and ameneties that we are able to provide you. This is because we sell many more cruises than the typical agency and receive these as a result of our dollar volume and special relationships. The 7% discount is easy for you to figure. We calculate it from the before-tax rate quoted by the cruise line.

We offer even greater discounts on numerous cruises - as we're able to provide "group" pricing for individual cabins and other discounts depending on the exact sailing. Please ask for our special agency promotions.

What is the asterisk(*) about? Crystal is now All Inclusive.  We provide shipboard credit or car & driver options.  Call for details.  Regent, Silversea and Oceania have limited their rebate amounts to 5%.  Please call for our "special promotions" including shipboard credit, spa credits, car & driver, and new "Welcome Home" offers. 


2-Please clarify pricing and taxes.

See our "Pricing Terms" for the most complete explanation.


3-Some cruises include pre-paid gratuities. How does that work?

One of the most confusing things that passengers have to deal with is deciding who and what amount to tip at the end of the cruise. Although there are often suggestions in the cruise pamphlets, brochures; more and more cruise lines have decided to INCLUDE tips in their basic price--therefore ending your confusion and making you more comfortable. You are always welcome to add to the pre-paid gratuities for special service, but it is not expected.


4-Why is a single supplement so high?

When an individual travels alone in a cabin, the cruise line believes it is losing revenue as the cabins are designed for two people. Therefore most often, single occupants are asked to pay extra to compensate for their non-existent second guest. This extra amount is often as high as twice the regular price. Recently, the luxury cruise lines have started to offer reduced supplements on specific sailings.